down with Orcas

10 metres down under the giant bait ball of herring sharing oceanic banquet with smartest and strongest animals of our oceans: Orcas, Arctic Circle, Norway

Black Fish

Orca male passing by after feeding session, Norway, Arctic

arctic torpedo

Male Orca surfacing in Arctic low light

feast of giants

I was fortunate to join the largest underwater feast I ever seen joined by biggest marine predators of our planet. 300 square metres baitball created by Orcas was every half a minute broke by launch feeding Humpback whales. I was right in the middle of action and one moment I almost got swept by four Humpback Whales which were grooming big ball of herring in one raw. Only what I could see were four giant open mounts coming on me and I had no were to go. They somehow menaged to avoid me and I survived at least for the moment.
Big numbers of Orcas were operating 10 metres bellow surface where they were stunning herring by tales and then gently picking up stunned fish one by one. This happy feast was lasting over an hour and it was all wrapped into darkness of wintery Arctic and poor visibility. For my photography it was super challenging conditions but at the same time the most humbling experience ever. Mother nature again showed me her power and beauty

Arctic magics

Magic light of Arctic and their majestic inhabitants Orcas

break up

Orca breaking up the bait ball of herring in dark waters of Norway

Blackfish Dreams

Pod of Orcas traveling in Artics, Norway

The Hunt

Orca attacking bait ball of Herring in Arctic region of Norway


Orca’s male dorsal fin reflecting amazing light which can only be found closer to poles

Northern Legacy

pod of Orcas chasing Herring at Senja Fjord, Norway