dolphin close up

Happy Wondering

This reminds me a piece from a very wise book which I read recently. It said the happiest people are people who live in constant wonder. How many times I saw dolphins admire little twirls of bubbles in the water, floating seaweed or movement of our hands. They are happy creatures with plenty of time for playing and wondering

dolphin play Ireland

story from the sea

It’s a real story of incredible friendship between my girlfriend Kate and wild bottlenose dolphin Malinka. Behind this calm, sunset picture is 15 years of dedication, devotion, love, hypothermia, frostbites and hundreds of hours of waiting. It’s a story from the sea.

emerald space

Dusty Dolphin diving in to emerald space of Northern Atlantic

sea carnival

Moon Jellyfish decorating Bottlenose Dolphin’s body

sunny days

Bottlenose Dolphin with open mouth is not always sign of happiness

Dusty’s summer

Dusty Dolphin at Aran Islands

jelly and soul

Bottlenose Dolphin and Compass Jellyfish


dorsal fin of Bottlenose Dolphin at Doolin, County Clare

body language

playtime in shallow water of Fanore, County Clare

green symphony

my girlfriend Kate coming up from deep with Dusty Dolphin