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Western Scenes

Spectacular sunset at Great Blasket Island, County Kerry

Loop Head

Beautiful aerial view of Loop Head at sunrise

Misty Lights

Giant North Atlantic waves lighted by sun filtered by heavy fog at the coast of Clare

Misty Burren

Floating mist from Burren hills at sunset at Galway Bay

Ghost of the Sea

Leaping Silhouetted Common Dolphins at Skellig Islands

Burren Views

Beautiful aerial view of Burren mountains from Ballyvaughan area 

aerial photography ireland

magical Mullaghmore

Mullaghmore mountains in spectacular sunrise. Burren was folded into its dramatic, layered shape by colliding tectonic plates far beneath the earth’s surface, millions of years ago

dolphin close up

Happy Wondering

This reminds me a piece from a very wise book which I read recently. It said the happiest people are people who live in constant wonder. How many times I saw dolphins admire little twirls of bubbles in the water, floating seaweed or movement of our hands. They are happy creatures with plenty of time for playing and wondering

Cliffs of the Cliffs

Spring light sunset at Cliffs of Moher

Moody Blasket

Sheep at the steep cliffs of Great Blasket Island