Spy Hopping Orcas

Spy hopping Orcas. This behaviour is often seen when they gathering herring into bait ball

Sailing North

Humpback Whale diving in front of sailing boat in Norway

Northern Dreams

Herring hunting Orcas at coast at beautiful sunset at coast of Norway

Giants of Arctic

Giant Humpback Whale diving at coast Northern Norway to feed on Herring

Storm Eleanor

Storm Eleanor arrived in Lahinch in full power at 5 AM this morning. Exactly 4 years ago Hurricane Hercules destroyed many buildings and roads at 7 PM. Eleanor came 14 hours earlier.

summer nights

This is not a dolphin in captivity. Its a wild Bottlenose Dolphin in calm North Atlantic evening with her best human friend Kate. Mother of my two kids. The incredible ocean story which we have the privilege to live for last 13 years

Burren Road

Low sun lighting up the spectacular Burren road framed by stormy sky in Galway Bay

Atlantic Edge

Spectacular sunset at Cliffs of Moher

Giant Manta

Humpback whale diving deep at the coast of Dingle Peninsula

Conor Pass

A mountain covered by slowly floating clouds and green rolling hills with grazing sheep. That’s County Kerry