summer nights

This is not a dolphin in captivity. Its a wild Bottlenose Dolphin in calm North Atlantic evening with her best human friend Kate. Mother of my two kids. The incredible ocean story which we have the privilege to live for last 13 years

glazed dolphin


Bottlenose Dolphin glazed by flat calm ocean at The Canaries

dolphin play Ireland

story from the sea

It’s a real story of incredible friendship between my girlfriend Kate and wild bottlenose dolphin Malinka. Behind this calm, sunset picture is 15 years of dedication, devotion, love, hypothermia, frostbites and hundreds of hours of waiting. It’s a story from the sea.

in space

Baby Humpback Whale making eye contact at Kingdom of Tonga


jewell of irish coastline Coumeenoole Beach, Dingle Peninsula


A wave that had gone ashore was reflected back out to sea and hit the next wave coming in. Backwash can create strange results such as this wave

george karbus


Freediving in Ireland can be dark and cold with bad visibility, but you can experience the most spiritual moments in this green harmony.

my girlfriend Kate Hamsikova is freediving with her friend from the ocean, a wild bottlenose dolphin. This special moment shows the extraordinary relationship that can exist between wild ocean creatures and humans. 


picture taken from inside of barreling wave which framing Burren coastline and Fanore


sheer beauty of ocean power

Riley’s, West Coast of Ireland


My girlfriend Kate is opening her arms to Humpback whale in Tonga and she rolled over her back and imitate her moves back by spreading her giant pectoral fins. That’s why I’m so fascinated by cetaceans, they try to communicate with us