amazing dolphin pictures


Bottlenose Dolphin glazed by flat calm ocean at The Canaries


Face to face with Great Hammerhead Shark at Bahamas

giant tenderness

Mother tenderness

playing dusky dolphins underwater

wintry Dusky

Dusky Dolphins in green and cold waters of New Zealand

whale and girl

whale communication

My girlfriend Kate is opening her arms to Humpback whale in Tonga and she rolled over her back and imitate her moves back by spreading her giant pectoral fins. That’s why I’m so fascinated by cetaceans, they try to communicate with us

two whales jump at the same time

breach days

double breach at Tonga

humpback whales in depths and sunday's

south pacific days

Humpback whale mother slowly cruising with her baby and escort in big blue of Kingdom of Tonga

humpback whale fluke

whale tail

giant Humpback Whale tail

Dusky dolphin underwater swim in green

play with Duskys

Play time with Dusky Dolphins, New Zealand

whales of tonga

Humpback Whales of Tonga