Orca hunt herring in Arctic

Breaking Up

Orca breaking up the bait ball of herring in dark waters of Norway

Beluga underwater art


Curious Belugas in the White Sea, Arctic Circle, Russia

underwater photography ireland

magical pilots

A couple of curious juvenile Pilot Whales and one teenage babysitter left at the surface when the rest of the family dive for food. The babysitter supposes to mind them but got even more excited with my presence than the kids.

Misty Lights

Giant North Atlantic waves lighted by sun filtered by heavy fog at the coast of Clare

Ghost of the Sea

Leaping Silhouetted Common Dolphins at Skellig Islands

in space

Baby Humpback Whale making eye contact at Kingdom of Tonga

mermaid and dolphin art

winter swims

winter sunset swim with a wild solitary dolphin at the west coast of Ireland

black and white art

Dolphin Compass

A Bottlenose Dolphin captured with Compass Jellyfish at the coast of Ireland

wild coast of Ireland art black and white photos

Doolin Storm

A massive north Atlantic swell crashing cliffs in Doolin in beautiful winter light

ireland surf art

water days

Fergal Smith at Riley’s, County Clare, Ireland