dolphin massage

ocean moments

An extraordinary moment when wild Bottlenose Dolphin devote her body her human friend

In emerald harmony

A magical moment of friendship between a girl and wild solitary Bottlenose Dolphin

spy hopping dolphin

Peaking out

Peaking Bottlenose Dolphin at the coast of Clare

solitary dolphin

swim together

A magical moment from emerald waters of West Coast of Ireland

free diver and dolphin in green

winter swim

winter sunset swim with wild solitary dolphin

heartfelt friendship

A beautiful connection between human and wild solitary bottlenose dolphin captured at the coast of west coast of Ireland

Eye of Hope

Wild Bottlenose Dolphin spy what happening on surface

Mermaid and Malinka

My girlfriend Kate as a mermaid with the wild bottlenose dolphin Malinka

dolphin friend

sunset swim

An amazing sunset swim at Aran Islands

dolphin close up

Happy Wondering

This reminds me a piece from a very wise book which I read recently. It said the happiest people are people who live in constant wonder. How many times I saw dolphins admire little twirls of bubbles in the water, floating seaweed or movement of our hands. They are happy creatures with plenty of time for playing and wondering