irish light

Ode to Liscannor Bay

An amazing winter low light sun rays above beautiful wave called Barrtra in Liscannor Bay, County Clare

dolphin massage

ocean moments

An extraordinary moment when wild Bottlenose Dolphin devote her body her human friend

Cliffs of Moher

Wild Cliffs

Waterfall falling upwards and a heavy storm approaching Cliffs of Moher

Dingle Landscapes

Dingle Fields

Greenfields of beautiful Dingle Peninsula

In emerald harmony

A magical moment of friendship between a girl and wild solitary Bottlenose Dolphin

spy hopping dolphin

Peaking out

Peaking Bottlenose Dolphin at the coast of Clare

irish waves

Flying emeralds

Conor Maguire flying emeralds

classic Dingle, Ireland

Dingle mornings

Beautiful Dingle Peninsula views

solitary dolphin

swim together

A magical moment from emerald waters of West Coast of Ireland

beautiful Burren

mullaghmore burren

Spectacular sunrise above Mullaghmore mountain in Burren