underwater photos

With Wolves

The most incredible moment you can have as an underwater photographer is inside a pod of hunting Orcas. Just myself and fifty Black&White wolves of the sea for three hours. An underwater madness which is hard to describe.

The Hunt

I was freediving, watching this pod of killer whales stunning fish with their tails before eating them. Suddenly, the mood changed as the whales regrouped 50 metres away. A minute later, they came back in full attack mode, ‘It was the most powerful behaviour I have ever witnessed – an intense, life-changing experience.’ Flying through the baitball at high speed with their mouths open, the killer whales will decimate this shoal of herring. 

Wildlife Photographer of the Year finalist


Spy hopping Orcas. This behaviour is often seen when they gathering herring into baitball

King of the Sea

The one who rules the sea

Breaking Up

Orca breaking up the bait ball of herring in dark waters of Norway


Herring hunting Orcas at beautiful sunset at the coast of Norway


Orca leaving oceanic banquet. The giant baitball of Herring size of basketball court swept by Humpback whales and Orcas within an hour. Only fish scales left floating in the water


Giant Humpback Whale diving at coast Northern Norway to feed on Herring

Freediving in the dark

Giant baitball feeding in the dark water of Arctic

Herring Tail

Orcas which specializing in hunting Herring have a very uniquely designed tail for slapping ball of fish. Orcas will release bursts of bubble or flash their white undersides to round prey such as salmon or herring into a tight defensive bait ball close to the surface. The orcas then slap the ball with their tail, stunning or killing up to 10-15 herring.