Orcas will release bursts of bubble or flash their white undersides to round prey such as salmon or herring into a tight defensive bait ball close to the surface. The orcas then slap the ball with their tail, stunning or killing up to 10-15 herring with a successful slap


Orca’s male dorsal fin reflecting amazing light which can only be found closer to poles

Herring Run

Orca forming baitball of Herring, North of Norway

Arctic Whales

A very large group of Humpback Whales up to fifty animals were feeding together on big shoals of Herring in deep fjord up in the north of Norway. I was able to frame five diving animals with beautiful mountains in the background. What a show they put on those days.

through the baitball

Orca penetrating big ball of Herring from below. It was extremely challenging shot for me. I was down in 8 metres under the baitball holding my breath when one orca came around my shoulder and went full speed into the ball of fish. There was no light, no contrast and cold. One of the most memorable days of my life


Pod of Orcas travelling in front of beautiful fjord in Arctic, Norway

down below baitball

Orca forming giant baitball of Herring


A pod of Orcas chasing Herring at Senja Fjord, Norway


I was fortunate to join the largest underwater feast I ever seen joined by biggest marine predators of our planet. 300 square metres baitball created by Orcas was every half a minute broke by launch feeding Humpback whales. I was right in the middle of the action and one moment I almost got swept by four Humpback Whales which were grooming big ball of herring in one raw. Only what I could see were four giant open mounts coming on me and I had nowhere to go. They somehow managed to avoid me and I survived at least for the moment.


Humpback Whale diving in front of sailing boat in Norway