Mana Waters

Pristine Waves of Hawaii

horses ireland wild

Wild Horses

It took me a while to get this photograph. I love horses and I love the Cliffs of Moher. It was hard to get them on one picture but patience paid off

magical waves art

Green Keg

Huge emerald barrel at the coast of Clare during winter storm 2019

winter sun ireland

Mild Winter

Amazing winter sunset at the coast of County Clare, Ireland

dolphin art photo

perfect body silver

Jumping dolphin at the coast of Ireland

night sky cliffs

Milky Way

A crispy clear night at Cliffs of Moher with amazing meteor showers and the most visible milky way I ever saw

george karbus

green power

Sheer ocean beauty on the west coast of Ireland

underwater photography ireland

magical pilots

A couple of curious juvenile Pilot Whales and one teenage babysitter left at the surface when the rest of the family dive for food. The babysitter supposes to mind them but got even more excited with my presence than the kids.

great Irish landscape photos

misty island

Floating sea mist at Great Blasket Island, County Kerry

amazing dolphin pictures


Bottlenose Dolphin glazed by flat calm ocean at The Canaries